A seasoned traveler, Sofia Sanchez de Betak has always sourced and collected clothing from destinations across the world. This lead her to create Chufy, a line of ready-to-wear clothing inspired by her worldwide travels. Each season of Chufy focuses on a new destination and its culture, collaborating with artisans to imbue every piece with the authenticity of local craftsmanship. Chufy updates those traditions for modern life.

Launched in 2017, Chufy features ready-to-wear, and accessories, and infuses high quality fabrics in a vivid color palette of playful patterns. Sofia’s bold and colorful designs are influenced by the vintage fabrics and traditional garments she collected during her travels across the globe. Chufy reflects a contemporary flair juxtaposed with traditional touches. The brand embodies a woman, that just like Sofia, likes to explore the world and wants to be comfortable yet sophisticated.

We are excited to have Chufy in our ever growing stable of designers and hope you will love it too. 

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