White Elianna Flutter Tank

White Elianna Flutter Tank

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A cut-away feminine neckline and a ruffled shoulder make this the easiest tank you'll wear all season in breezy Double Gauze. 

100% Cotton, 3 months to biodegrade in a landfill depending on soil conditions.

What we love

- Dyed within a 10-mile radius of our headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, which benefits our local community

- Low impact dyes are used on this fabric, using 25% less water (depending on the color and hand finish)

Bra friendly

Sliced neckline

Shoulder detail

Ruffle at shoulder

Raw hem

A less structured look. Slightly roomier than our signature slim fit.

100% Cotton, lightweight - made from 2 layers.

Wash by hand. We don’t recommend machine washing this fabric, but if you must, use the delicate cycle with cold water and place it inside out in a lingerie bag. (But really, hand washing is the way to go.) Air dry.