Voyager 48 Rose Champagne Sunglasses

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Bon Voyage: WL set out to create the perfect round sunglasses using only the finest materials and best craftsmanship. Each frame is meticulously handmade in Japan and features high-quality shatterproof lenses with 100% UV protection. The Voyager shape was designed to be comfortable and flattering on all face shapes. Its super-durable construction and smooth, high-quality hinges ensure these will be your favorite shades for years to come.

The Voyager space probes were launched in 1977 to study the planetary systems of Jupiter and Saturn. The Voyager frame was inspired by the round shape of the spacecraft's attendant golden record, which featured the diverse sounds of planet earth.

Celebrate with Champagne: Voyager 48 features a hand-polished translucent rose champagne acetate frame. Standard Grey G15 lenses and planetree side inlays complete the look.

Frame Color:  Polished Rose Champagne Translucent Acetate
Lens:  Standard Grey G15
Signature Side Inlay:  Planetree