Natural Wheat Straw Visor Hat

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A herringbone patterned weave natural straw visor. Each visor is first woven in hat form and then cut down to visor shape. Each visor is unique and reflects the natural beauty & variation of the handicraft process.

Fit: A velcro fastener allows the visor to be adjusted to any head size and an elastic loop keeps it rolled up and on the go.

Fabric: Hand Woven Panama Visor from Paja Toquilla straw. UPF 50

Care: Hats may be wiped clean with a tightly woven cloth.  We recommend protecting the hat from rain and excessive moisture.  If the hat does get too wet and loses some of its shape, a handheld steamer along with some targeted manipulation will help you restore misshapen areas of the crown and brim.  A hair dryer can be helpful in hardening the softened fibers into place.  An iron can also be used following the steamer for a bent brim.  

Your hats should be stored upside down with their crown down (with the exception of a few of our soft, flexible hats).  The best storage option, of course, is our travel hatbox.  Please never pack a hat in a suitcase.  If you don't travel with a hatbox, wear it or carry it until you find a safe spot to rest your hat and your head during your travels.

Made in Ecuador